AffiliStores Review - Turn 100% FREE Traffic Into Passive Daily Commissions

This post will show you what generate hands-free commissions with built-in free traffic where others do the selling for you! Anthony will suggest just only 2 minutes flat to stunning affiliate eCommerce stores that put passive profits in your pocket: "AffiliStores is an incredible cloud-based app and very easy to use thanks to the fantastic video training.


Ecommerce is an explosive industry. it’s also ridiculously competitive. No wonder 95% of ecom stores make less than $1000 in sales per year - meaning all these marketers are actually losing money. How can anyone compete with ecom giants like amazon, aliexpress, walmart & others? Instead of fighting a losing battle …simply partner with ecom giants that do the selling for you!


But even though affiliate marketing is the EASY answer, to make consistent profits you will need:

A great looking eCom store - today’s consumers demand a slick shopping experience

A wide selection of products - because 74% of online shoppers consider product selection critical when making buying decisions.


A way to drive top-converting traffic to your stores & products and step-by-step guidance on how to maximize profits at every stage - especially if you’re new to eCom marketing.

Having a software that automatically creates stunning affiliate estores for you:

- Stores that look & perform as good ones costing thousands to create

- With all the bells, whistles and latest conversion technology built-in

- That turn browsers into buyers & buyers into repeat customers.


Being able to offer an unlimited selection of products from six of the world’s leading eCom platforms … each carefully chosen based on its track record of generating affiliates the highest possible commissions:

Amazon - Choose from over 500 million products & partner with the company that drove 44% of all U.S. eCom sales last year

eBay - More often than ever, big name brands are listing on eBay because of its massive buying audience.

AliExpress - A huge source of sales across Europe, Russia & South America make this a great way to profit in untapped markets.

Walmart - This leading retailer goes head-to-head with Amazon, so you can maximize commissions by offering deals customers can’t refuse!

Shop.com - This highly-respected site features products from over 2000 top quality merchants - A GREAT way to offer unique products to niche customers.

CJ Affiliate - This platform has a 20 year history promoting premium brands including GoPro, Barnes & Noble, Lowe’s, J.Crew & more. It’s your ticket to higher commissions per sale.


Some Words about This Cloud-Based

AffiliStores is a revolutionary software & complete ecom affiliate profit system for making game-changing commissions in the fastest growing industry on the planet. Both 100% beginner friendly and the ultimate solution for experienced marketers wanting multiple, passive income streams.

- Beginner Friendly - zero learning curve or tech skills required

- Cloud-Based Web App - nothing to install or download, stores are securely hosted for you

- No Need For WordPress, self-hosting or clunky plugins

- The fastest, easiest 1-click store building software available

- Unlimited product selection for maximum profits - promote products from six leading eCom platforms

Revolutionary auto-traffic system built-in - never pay for an ad again!


3 Simple Steps To AUTOMATED eCom Stores That Drive YOU Commissions 24/7

Step 1: Login to the cloud-based software to setup your store in a single click.

Step 2: Turn on the traffic using the built-in, automated traffic generator

Step 3: Sit back and watch your commissions roll in!


Your AffiliStores are optimized for the ultimate online shopping experience and putting passive commissions in your pocket!

- Visually Stunning Stores

Your stores feature the latest design trends to keep people shopping

- Mobile Responsive

Cash in from the over 46% of shoppers who buy from their phones

- Live Product Search

Make MORE sales as visitors can instantly find exactly what they’re looking for.


Proven Conversion Features Turn Browsers Into repeat buyers

- ‘Impulse’ Profits With Dynamic Product Sliders

Showcase top-sellers, discounted items & deals to maximize customer order value.


- Effortless Upsells

Each product page shows ‘related products’ so you generate the highest possible commissions from every buyer.


- Social Proof

Nothing beats reviews for converting sales, so each product page features relevant reviews and related tweets.


- Skyrocket Engagement

Your buyers can leave product reviews directly on your site which means more social proof, more social sharing.

And higher commissions as your buyers do the selling for you!


AffiliStores maximize your profits in the shortest possible time.

- Auto-Updating Stores For Set & Forget Profits


- The A.I. tech keeps your stores updated with the latest products, descriptions & pricing.


- You’ll ALWAYS have the best deals for customers, remain compliant with each eCom platform and never have to manually update your stores.


- Unlimited Product Choice For Unheard Of Commissions


- Display unlimited products from multiple eCom networks for ‘one-stop’ shops that give YOUR customers everything they need under one roof.


- Organic Store Growth Maximizes Free Traffic


- Let the A.I. tech add products to your store for you.


- Schedule new products to be added whenever you like! Each new update triggers the search engines to re-index your store for even more free traffic!


- Long Term Profits

Cash in from store visitors for up to 3 months. Amazon’s affiliate cookie normally lasts just 24 hours.

With AffiliStores, whenever a visitor adds an item to their cart, the cookie is extended to 3 full months! Giving you 90 days to earn commissions on any product that visitor buys in the future!


- Scaling Built-In

Get up-to-the minute live traffic stats right inside your dashboard, so you’ll know exactly how to scale your campaigns to maximize profits.


- Passive Profits

Include banner ads that display at the top of your stores and make hands-free income from AdSense, Amazon ads & even your own product offers!


So have built-in even more features to AffiliStores that save you time & maximize your commissions:

- DFY Product Management

Each product listed in your stores is automatically placed inside a relevant category and given appropriate search tags. Making it easier for your customers to find and buy while giving you an unfair traffic advantage in the search engines.


- Host Your Stores

Forget WordPress or expensive hosting costs. Every one of your store is hosted on our premium servers. Save huge monthly costs & maximize conversions with secure stores that load lightning fast.


- Build Your Brand

Effortlessly create custom stores for a lasting brand impression. Choose from 5 stunning themes, modify layouts, colors, logos & branding. You can even add custom sub-domains to each store - and remember the hosting is on us!


- DFY Legal Pages

Save hundreds on fees with the built-in generator that creates legal and terms & condition pages for you. Relax knowing your stores are 100% compliant and ready to accept payments from customers around the world!


Here’s How:

AffiliStores will show you how to use other people’s content to drive traffic to your store and product pages … just by sourcing blogs in your niche. Plug these blogs into your AffiliStores dashboard by following the simple instructions.


Then sit back, watch the software find new blog posts, put them in a content spinner so they’re 100% unique and automatically post this fresh new content to your stores, monetized with highly relevant products coded with your affiliate link. Interested in getting started with affiliate marketing?

What This Means For You:

- 100% Free Traffic

As your stores automatically add new content, they’ll rank higher in search and get you more & more free traffic


- More Sales

Content is king, so by showcasing fresh new content, you become the ‘go-to’ authority in your niche and attracting more visitors and converting more sales


- Passive Profits

Paid ads and most eCom social posts pitch products - which decreases click rates. This system shares content posts which get more clicks and views and these posts are monetized with your store products. You get more views from targeted visitors, & higher conversions from products people are interested in buying!


- Viral Traffic

On social media, people don’t share ads. But they do share content - which is exactly what this software delivers. Sit back & watch as social media users share your posts for you, getting even more targeted viral traffic to your offers!


Why AffiliStores will Make More Traffic to Your Store?

- FREE Video Traffic

Discover how to curate video reviews from YouTube to drive buyers  straight to your offers.

- VIRAL Social Traffic

Store visitors can share any and all products in your store to social networks in a single click

- Social Post Automation

Personally schedule & share your store products across multiple social networks.

I love how easy it is to create affiliate stores.  Within minutes I had my first affiliate store setup in the gaming niche, packed with products from AliExpress and Amazon. I really love the unique traffic features of this software, especially the way traffic is driven through blogs!


Want To Generate Even More Revenue With Your New Store? With AffiliStores You Can Even Add Google Adsense To Your Stores!

With our powerful Google Adsense feature, you have the ability to add adverts to your store home page and all your store listing pages.


If you didn’t know, Google Adsense is a cost-per-click advertising program that allows publishers to insert a small amount of HTML into their sites and have ads appear that are targeted and relevant to the content of the site.


This means, you can have adverts displayed all over your store that are revenant to the type of store you have created. Google Adsense prides on their notoriety to give a genuine publicizing strategy that is useful in a full hover from the sponsor to the promotion host to the site guest and back to Google themselves therefor you are ensured to have awesome advertisements on your store, that eventually pay you extremely well for consistent repeating.


A Closer Look at everything You Get With AffiliStores

- Web-Based App

Create automated eCom affiliate stores in 2 minutes flat, complete with stunning designs & the latest conversion technology.


- AffiliStores Traffic Software

1st-of-its-kind passive traffic software to drive unlimited, tarrgeted buyers to your offers without paying for ads ever again!


- Premium “From Scratch To Profit” Training

Step by step guides take you from brand new to highly profitable affiliate, no stones unturned!


- Industry-Leading Support

Your results are the only thing that matter - so we have a dedicated, U.S based support team on hand to get you the results you deserve income.


Thanks for reading to this AffiliStores. I was able to create my first store in just a couple of minutes. thanks to the awesome training. I decided to focus on the dog niche and thanks to the affiliate networks I can select products from, my store is now full of hot selling dog products from AliExpress and Amazon.

I found that your customer support is rock solid and my store looks absolutely beautiful!


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    Evanthia Giannou (Monday, 15 April 2019 16:37)

    Hi there,
    Im Evanthia Giannou and I have purchased affistores.I would like to ask you if you have earnings from your affistore and how can I have too.I made an affilistore with pet products according to their training but I dont know how to drive traffic and what to do daily with the goal to have profit.Would you please tell me your experience and support me?? My email is affiliatedshop7@gmail.com Thank you Best Regards Evanthia Giannou

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    Alvin Pham (Sunday, 21 April 2019 15:51)

    You need to drive traffic yourself, either paid or free traffic methods. Do you have any traffic? Have you bought any before?
    My official site: <a href="https://explorreviews.com/affilistores-review/">https://explorreviews.com/affilistores-review/</a>