Sellosity Review – Should or Not. Why?

Hi, guys! Have a beautiful day. What a coincidence! I just wrote a review post about software that can manage and track all the activities in their online stores two hours ago, and now I am writing the Sellosity review. Why do I say that it is a coincidence? I will explain this in the final part of this article. But let’s come back to the main point!


Today, I want to introduce a product that has been recently reviewed highly by users. Honestly, I didn’t really know it yesterday until my friend, Steven, showcased to me. He said that he could build a successful online store within 5 minutes and I saw his online bookstore breathtaking and attractive. If he did not tell me that he created it with software, I thought he took a few days to do it. That was incredible!

You are wondering if the name of this software is, right? OKAY. It is called SELLOSITY. Before I say what it is exactly, take a close look at the overview of Sellostiy.


Overview of Sellosity

• Product Creator:  Sean Donahoe

• Product Name: Sellosity Labs

• Launch Date: November 17th, 2016 at 11:00

• Price: $297/year or $47/month

• Niche: eCommerce platform

• Support: 24/7, friendly

• Verdict: 100% Legit!


As you can see, this software is created by Sean Donahoe – a king of the best sellers. Do you know him? Sean Donahoe is one of the top authors in creating the popular apps, software or even training courses on JVZoo marketplace.


I used some of his products like Profit Builder, AzonAuthority, IMSC Rapid Mailer and I give a compliment for them because they are quite easy to use and help me a lot in my business.

And Sean succeeds in this new product again – Sellosity when over one thousand copy of Sellosity has been sold within two days. It is adorable!

OKAY. Push him aside and learn about the main product!


What is Sellosity?

Sellosity is a brand new e-commerce platform for WordPress which allows you to create the beautiful, fully-functional online stores in just a few minutes. Also, this robust platform is built on the top of a proven e-commerce framework which powers more than a million online stores.

From now on, you no longer appall because of the limited functionality and outrageous monthly fees. With Sellosity program/platform, you can use full of the features with the most competitive fee.


What Makes Sellosity Special?



With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can deploy and even launch a great-looking, fully-functional e-commerce store by just adding your products and brand.



This platform has a powerful, built-in drag-n-drop page builder that allows you to create the professionally-designed, high-converting product sales pages and OTO pages within a few seconds.



It helps you find the reputable vendors and high-quality products to sell from AliExpress as well as importing the existing stores from Shopify, Amazon, Ebay, etc.



With Sellosity’s powerful dropshipping engine, you can build a wildly profitable e-commerce empire without personally seeing, touching, or shipping a single product.



Without passing trade, your e-commerce business is doomed to fail. With the tools and training, you can create masses of traffic and convert that traffic.



The advanced marketing analytics allow you to see at-a-glance in which your customers are coming from and what is driving them to purchase so you can optimize the conversion rates.



Sellosity is built upon a secure and stable e-commerce framework for WordPress which has over one million installs. You will not have to pay for the monthly fee because this is one-time.



Sellosity integrates seamlessly with every leading print-on-demand vendors thus you can sell your own t-shirts, mugs, and much more without having to pay extra for the apps or add-ons just to have the basic functionality you need.



There are three video trainings that guide on how to create a profitable and fruitful e-commerce business which practically runs itself with these great step-by-step trainings.

How Does It Work?

If you feel reading the information about it is not enough, please take a few minutes to watch the demo video below and I make sure you will be so excited.


Sales Funnel

• Upsell: Sellosity Labs – Value $47/month

• Downsell: Sellosity Labs Trial 7 Day $1 Trial


My Advice for Beginners

I am not excellent at convincing someone, but I believe that I can change their thought about new something.

Before using this platform, I spent very much time and effort to build an e-commerce site, and there were a lot of the things complicated that made me so tired of. I had to hire a website developer to complete it.


However, my second online store did not have any difficulty in designing, all thanks to Sellosity. It is very easy to use so even if you are a beginner, you can use it immediately because this product is packed with three video tutorials that guide you how to use everything inside this platform.

You can create your own shoes store, clothing store or any online store as you wish in minutes without buying extra other additional tools.


Moreover, when you buy Sellosity, you receive a lot of valuable bonuses from Sean Donahoe.

You see that the price of this is quite high, right?

I think that it is not a big problem because people say that “you get what you pay for.” You can buy an online store builder with only $50 or even $100, but do you guarantee that you won’t need to buy any additional tools because the product which you buy does not support.


Instead of buying many small things, why don’t you save money to purchase a big product which contains all the features you need? So what are you waiting for? Try Sellosity today and shorten the way to success!


Stop!!! As I have just said above, there is an interesting coincidence between Sellosity and PoodlePay because while Sellosity is an online store builder, PoodlePay is a managing online store system. I learned about this system first and then I found this building online store platform through my friend in the same day. You can learn about PoodlePay on Google because this post is for Sellosity.

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