Mobiflux Review - New Wordpress Plugin Taps Mobile Traffic

I will show you this unique review and highly effective apps, created with real market research and tested to deliver the results with WP Mobiflux Plugin. This is a Great plugin made with months of research from our team to help entrepreneurs like you multiply your mobile traffic by implementing a highly successful, tried and tested strategy used by mobile apps. Check out this WP Mobiflux review by Anthony right now while it’s still on the special one-time price sale.

You have heard this a thousand time already, and you’ve seen it every time you review your visitor statistics: apppresser.com


A huge majority of your visitors are on the mobile phone. Actually, that’s nearly all of them. Only about 15% to 25% of your visitors are coming to you from desktop computers. That’s true no matter what kind of website you have. The problem is, most of our classic website infrastructure is designed for Desktop PCs.


Blogs: Most of your readers on your blog are on mobile but your Call to actions are designed for desktops.

Ecommerce: Nearly all off your customers are accessing your store from mobile, but are you using the kind of ads they see in mobile apps?

Lead-Gen: Your pop-up optin forms, pop-under forms, and sidebar ads just don't work well on the mobile becase they were never desinged for that format.

Local Businesses: Are you showing your offers, coupons, specials in a way that mobile phone users expect them to be?

Widgets, like exit-intent, pop-ups, etc. are not designed for Mobile phones, and mobile phone users don’t expect to see them. Actually, they are quite counter-intuitive for mobile users and only irritate your visitors, making them close your site.


The Difficulties when You Optimize for Google Mobile Ranking

- Exit Intent

Absolutely useless because this just doesn’t work on mobiles.


- Pop Ups

Not designed for smaller mobile screens. They irritate your customers.


- Overlays

Overlays make your websites non-responsive and mobile unfriendly.


- Banners & Sidebar Ads

Nicely tucked away from the visible area, the impact is minimal.


You want to succeed on mobile? Follow this review created by the industry leaders who actually designed this platform. This is exactly what you should be using if you want to effectively tap into your Mobile visitors and get them to act. Again, that’s 85% of your current audience on your blog or website.

Can you afford to under-monetize nearly all of the people who can give you business?


Why WP Mobiflux plugin Was Born to Help That?

With Mobiflux, you can make your mobile traffic take action by showing mobile style banner ads and call to actions only to them. In this plugin, 25 ready- made PSD templates that you can modify and implement immediately. Easily when get the best CTRs(Click Through Rates) and returns with interstitial ads on mobile - Round-robin sequencing lets you pitch multiple offers & select exactly how much exposure you want for each.


Increase user attention and action by popping up your ad & call-to-action after a few secends and show specific call to action & ads on specific pages/posts.


Full reporting and A&B testing shows you what works and what doesn't.


Great Pros of Mobiflux

- Force your visitors to drive traffic to your pages

-Reward your visitors for sending traffic to you

-Customizable system lets you pust in your own headline, graphics & Call to action.

- Unlock rewards & send your visitors anywhere you want Landing pages, affiliate offers

- 100% mobile compatible rewards mechanism that's also powerfully secure

- Bring your visitors back again and again by sending them Email notiifications when their content is unlocked

- Grab leads and send them to your favorite autoresponder right away.


What Can Mobiflux Do for You!

- Your mobile banner ads & call to actions show up below or above your content just like mobile app ads on mobile devices.

- Your interstitial ads show up filling the entire screen with your CTAs on mobile devices.

- Reward Users To Send You More Traffic

Put giveaways in secure mobile targeted lockers, giving your users access after they have driven the visitors you want.

- Setup your Banner or Interstitial Ads

Upload your graphics and put in the link of the URL where you want to drive traffic.

- Control your ad fill rate

Want to show an ad only for a specific percentage of visitors? You can select to show to all, or to any percent you decide.

- Rotate your ads

Show different ads at different times with Round robin or random rotation.

- Setup your Viral Content Multiplier

Setup your content multiplier with full control over colors, graphics, text and headlines.

- Setup your email notifications

Write the text you want to send to your visitors when the content is unlocked. Bring them back.

- Review your performance

Check my reports to see how your campaigns are doing.


Mobiflux Starts Getting You Results Today

Got only 10 daily visitors on your site? No problem! Mobiflux is designed to help smaller site owners and entrepreneurs boost their traffic and lead-gen.


Implement it on your sites today and watch 10 turn into 15, then into 20, and your lead collection soar as Mobiflux multiplies your visitors. WP Mobiflux’s twin-action system gives you the ultimate in traffic and lead generation no matter what you are marketing online.


Not only capture and harness your mobile traffic, but also turn it into even more traffic and get fresh leads while you do that.


Why You Should Take a Look Mobiflux & Some Honest Reviews

A lof Internet marketing solutions and products require a sizeable ready audience before they will start working for you. Others need you to invest in ads or traffic, but not WP Mobiflux.


Mobiflux plugin starts where you are, and works on your present audience to grow it further using the modern versions of the most time-trusted, valued and proven working strategies in the Internet Marketing world.

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