Ideas For Building Authority Online

Building Authority online starts with just a few different ideas - here are some to kickstart your journey!

SEO: Building Your Online Authority

One of the most effective ways of developing SEM and SEO is online authority building. SEM and SEO can get better in different ways and building a status of authority is one of them. Building authority online means that you will be considered as the authority of specific online niche, subject or topic. You will be considered as an expert on those specific areas. The reason behind that is you build the reputation of being an expert through different activities by demonstrating your knowledge. Your activities may vary in different formats and forms. The most important thing is to get known by others. Therefore, you have to ensure that all of your works are well marketed.

Write Articles

Using your knowledge for writing articles is quite helpful for your reputation and your site. It does not mean that you will always write for your own site. Writing for other websites is also good idea that will earn you publicity as well as money. Moreover, writing for different publications, magazines or newspapers are some other good options to consider as good options for increasing your online authority. The more articles of you get published the better for SEO. This is because of the by-line with your articles which enables back links to your own site. Besides, search engines will get the keywords from the articles of your website and direct new visitors to your website.

Write Blog Posts

A recent study conducted by hubspot.com shows that if a blogger post 20 or more blog posts per month which are engaging, useful and well targeted, his site is likely to be visited by 97% more visitors than other blogs where there is less blog post posted. From this we can see the importance of blog posts that are well targeted and engaging. The more visitors in your site means you will make more money online. Besides, your conversions will be higher than other bloggers who seldom blogs. This is the key point of SEM and SEO.

Write eBooks

Most people think writing a book is a very difficult thing to do. That gives you the opportunity to be distinguished from others. You might find it daunting task too. Therefore, the right way to go about it is think the book you are going to write as compilation of a set of blog posts and articles. Then start writing on the niches of your interest and publish your book. If you can become and author, your authority will be boosted tremendously. Since people see writing book as difficult job and author as sage person, it will improve your authority rapidly.

Give Speeches

If you become an author, you will have the chance to get invited to different events as speaker. Being a speaker is not a bad idea to improve authority. Besides, you can be the poster for the potential customers. Apart from that, you may earn a lot giving speeches. Some speakers earn thousands of dollars just from a single event. Being a speaker is one kind of off page and on page SEO. The press release you propagate prior to your speech in any event is one kind of off page SEO. On the other hand, if you write blog regarding your speech, that will be one kind of on page SEO.

Do Interviews

It is important that you make yourself available to press or mass media if they need you for your expertise on any matter. It is good to respond to different events, radio or TV shows, blog posts, and articles, news stories with your opinion, support and helpful information. If you provide additional information quite freely, you are more likely to be called for your expertise. And if you are called on very often, there will be more information and links on internet about you, building authority as you go.

Host Webinars

Hosting online webinars is another effective way to show your expertise and promote yourself. Webinars are like in person seminars but online using different technologies like Google Hangout On Air. Your expertise can be exhibited in a quite exciting way through hosting webinars. Besides, your SEO purpose will also be served via this.

Participate in Social Media

In recent years social media become very important for marketing. You can market most of your reputation and skills using social media. Apart from marketing, it is wise to participate in answering questions and discussions. If you can show your expertise through your intelligence, insights and your answers, more and more people will come to you for further information and expertise from you.

Go to Live & Online Networking Events

You might have known by now that SEO can be both off page and on page. On page SEO is considered by the contents, images, tags, tittles, and keywords etc. that are on your website. On the other hand, any of your activities that gets links into your blog or site is known as off page SEO. That means whatever you do may affect your SEO. Therefore, you must make sure that your action helps build and improve your authority.


It is not impossible for anyone to be an expert and a thought leader in the niche of their interest. It might take ten thousand hours to become an expert on any niche. If you start now you will definitely see high authority of yourself and can be a thought leader by that time. Once you earn the thought leader status your SEM and SEO through building authority online will be improved enormously.

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